Privacy Policy

At AEOM, we always maintain that our customers are bigger than the brand and thus we take the privacy and confidentiality of both our customers and visitors very seriously. Any information provided on this website will not be used in any way other than for providing the highest quality of service to our customers. The personal information stored on the website will NOT be disclosed to any third party unless required by law to do so.

Please read the points of our privacy policy carefully and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if there is anything that you would like to clarify.

  1. The information that a customer stores on our website, such as name, number and email address, will be used with utmost integrity and only to provide our services to our customers. No information will be revealed to a third party without the customer’s consent. However, if a legal situation arises, AEOM reserves the right to comply with the law of the land.
  2. AEOM uses a customisation tool to enable our customers to customise our collection according to their style and taste. AEOM reserves the intellectual property right to all the designs customised on our website.
  3. You may be directed to our website through third parties such as social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. AEOM does not take responsibility for the “Privacy Policy” of these third parties and recommends its customers to read through their policies before providing any personal information.
  4. We use cookies on our website to improve user interface and user experience. This is in line with our value of keeping the customers’ experience as our highest priority. However, if you wish to disable the cookies on your device then you can do so. AEOM would recommend to not disable cookies in order to enjoy our services at their intended highest quality.
  5. When a user provides us with their email ID by signing up for the newsletter OR creating an account on the website, this email ID will be used to send the newsletters, information on seasonal promotions, information about personal discounts, information regarding the orders made as well as website update information. The email ID, under no circumstances will be used for personal reasons. AEOM would suggest its registered customers to add AEOM’s email ID to their contacts to receive our promotions directly in the inbox.
  6. Our registered customers reserve the right to amend or delete any information stored on the website. This can be done by contacting us on
  7. We use third-party service providers for advertisement and analytic purposes. These third parties may use customer or visitor information for purposes such as providing data on the number of people visiting the site per minute. However, none of the information collected would be of personal nature, i.e., no personally identifiable information would be collected.
  8. AEOM reserves the right to amend and update its privacy policy at any time. It will be the responsibility of the customers and the visitors to keep a regular check on our privacy policy which once uploaded on the website will be effective immediately.